Brother LS2125i Review – My Favorite Inexpensive Sewing Machine

Are you interested in buying the Brother sewing machine LS-2125? The lightweight, user friendly Brother LS2125i is a beginning sewer’s dream.

It is a nice simple sewing machine which is to operate, inexpensive and an easy machine for any beginner to learn how to use. This model can accomplish any basic sewing task: making clothing or alterations, , creating home décor items or other fun crafts.

Your purchase comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual so you can be up and running in no time and learning how to wind the bobbin to using the free arm is a breeze.

This state-of-the-art sewing machine for beginners has great features not only for beginning sewers but also for those who have been sewing for a long time. Novice or professional, you just have to read up on the LS2125i’s features below to see how these can be flexible to use for most, if not all, of your sewing needs.

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Features of the Brother LS-2125

  • With ten stitches programmed into the machine, you can do satin, stretch, zigzag, elastic, straight, and blind hem stitches in no time.
  • Buttonholing can be done automatically in four steps and allows you to choose customized buttonholes for specific buttons to fit into.
  • Easily change presser feet designed with a snap on to allow you quick switching from buttonhole to button sewing to zipper feet.
  • Equipped with foot pedal for controlled operation as well as stitching speed and fast bobbin winding.
  • With a lever for forward as well as reverse stitching.
  • Has an adjustable thread tension, intuitive dial control.
  • Comes with the following accessories (other than the foot pedal): needle pack, additional spool pin, darning plate, screwdrivers, and bobbins that are stored in the storage compartment inside the free arm.
  • Accessory feet include: button fitting foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot.
  • Comes with a 25-year (limited) warranty.
  • Customer support by telephone is toll-free.
  • Comes with a bilingual instruction manual in English and Spanish.
  • Has a soft cover carrying handle for portability.
  • Equipped with a free arm that can be used as a convertible flat bed.
  • Heirloom and decorative stitches are also built-in for use.
  • Stitch density is assured equally on each buttonhole’s sides.
  • Decorative stitching is made easy with its twin needle.
  • With built-in lighting for illuminating sewing area.
  • With light switch and safety power.
  • Comes with a power cord.

Product Specifications

  • Feed dogs: six.
  • Weight: 13 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 15” x 6” x 11.8”.
  • CSA and UL listed.
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Our Personal Review of the Brother LS-2125i


  • Excellent performance for everyday, simple sewing and alterations of clothing, home décor like curtains, table linen, etc.
  • A sewing machine that the owner can grow with while learning sewing techniques.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The free arm’s convertible capability helps in the organization of sewing accessories for the user.
  • Its portability allows the user to bring it anywhere conveniently and, because it is lightweight, it is not physically for carrying around.
  • Threading is the most convenient feature of this sewing machine.
  • Even professionals will enjoy the numerous features, as mentioned earlier, of this particular Brother model.
  • Value for money purchase for a sewing machine in its class.


  • Some users have reported problems while sewing because the thread has the tendency to lock on top or under the fabric.
  • There have also been reports of the bobbin not winding correctly at various times

What People are Saying About the Brother LS2125i

Beginning sewers understand that the Brother LS2125i is a basic, regular sewing machine that is not expected to operate like more feature-rich machines like its embroidery cousin the Brother SE400 sewing machine. Most owners we talk to agree that this particular model is an excellent “value for your money” purchase.

The affordable price of this sewing machine was well-appreciated by customers who have tight budgets but want a quality machine like the LS2125i. One of my students gave this machine it to her eight-year-old daughter after going through the features and specifications and found it perfect for her child to learn sewing from. Pair this machine with a good beginner sewing book and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Even people who have been professionally sewing – one for almost 50 years – found this beginner sewing machine just as suitable for their sewing requirements for dresses, pants, and craft projects. If you know someone  who is just starting out this machine would be a great choice. Its also very light and portable so its easy to take along to a sewing class (click this).

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Brother LS2125i sewing machine

If you are on a budget or don’t need anything overly fancy or complicated, then there is nothing better or more suitable to use than the LS2125i. This is a great choice for anybody who wishes to learn how to sew.

If your immediate need, however, is for a machine that can turn out embroidery, appliqués, and the like, another sewing machine model may be the better option. While it is versatile enough for beginning sewers, the LS2125i does not have the features that would allow you to quilt or work on heavy duty projects.

Should you buy the Brother sewing machine LS-2125i? Yes. The LS2125i is the sewing machine for those honing sewing skills or mastering sewing basics. It is very affordable for its plethora of features and accessories, easy to operate, portable, and can be used by both novice and professional sewers with the greatest of ease and convenience.

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  1. We bought a Brother at a Salvation Army store but no manuals. It has the round knob on the right side and a numbered device below it that seems to have lock levers. We can slid them. We have no idea what they are. For some reason there are nu numbers to tell the model anywhere. I will take a picture of it and go to a sewing store here in Portland Oregon to see what they know. Do you have any idea where we can DL or read the instructions and where is the model number/ Thanks Rex R. Bahr an 82 Y/O Disabled veteran PTSD and a few others. Search my name and, Rex Bahr, Ben Bahr on Utube, My flight line officer Willard Palm and Palm Park Topeka Kansas Visit http?/

  2. I found a sad little Brother LS2125 in a consignment store. Totally filthy and missing a lot of equipment. It works great now but needs the instruction manual. Where can I get one? Thanks!


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