Brother ST371HD Review – Strong and Reliable Sewing Machine

They call the Brother ST371HD the “Strong and Tough Sewing Machine,” and it’s easy to see why. This model is a nice overall heavy duty sewing machine.

This machine can handle just about any fabric you throw at it, including leather. It comes with specialty presser feet and heavyweight needles to handle heavy-duty fabric that other machines can’t stand up to.

This machine also has a variety of other great features, including:

  • Weight: 18.4 pounds
  • 37 built-in stitches
  • One-step, automatic-sized buttonholes
  • Simple stitch selector knob
  • Metal needle plate
  • Drop-in top bobbin
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Free arm
  • 6 presser feet
  • Nonstick foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • LED light

The ST371HD may be a tough sewing machine, but its features help make your life easier by allowing you to get started on projects faster. Between the drop-in top bobbin and automatic threading feature, you will be up and running in no time.

Stitch selection is easy, too, thanks to the built-in dial on the side of the machine. You can easily view all of the stitches in the diagram printed on the front of the ST371HD.

More importantly, this machine can work with heavy-duty fabrics that most other machines can’t handle, like leather, suede and canvas. Whether you’re into sewing bags, jeans or leather accessories, this machine will help you complete your project as quickly and smoothly as possible.

While it can easily handle difficult fabrics, it’s equally skilled at handling delicate fabrics, like silk. The versatility of this machine makes it a great option for users who may not want to switch machines when working with thinner or softer fabrics.

The nonstick presser foot is a unique addition to this machine that makes it even easier to work with difficult fabrics. This presser foot easily glides over the surface of the fabric for high quality stitch work and consistent feeding. The nonstick presser foot is your go-to option when working with leather, suede and vinyl because it doesn’t grip the surface and cause bunching.

For buttons, this machine has single-step buttonholes and it takes care of the sizing automatically. You can then use the button sewing foot to attach your buttons with ease.

The number of built-in stitches is more than enough for just about any project, and there are some beautiful, unique stitches included. There’s even a drop feed feature that lets you do free motion sewing whenever you want.

Along with all of this machine’s great features, you also get a host of accessories, including:

  • 4 bobbins
  • Twin needle
  • 6 feet (zipper, buttonhole, blind stitch, spring action, button sewing and nonstick)
  • 3-piece needle set
  • 2 spool caps
  • Extra spool pin
  • Screwdriver
  • Dust cover

There’s a lot to love about the Brother ST371HD, and if you find yourself regularly working with tougher fabrics, this is the machine you want.

The quality and durability of this machine is excellent and what you would expect from the Brother brand. This is a great all-around sewing machine that can handle most tasks without breaking a sweat – or the bank. This is easily one of the most affordable machines in this class.

Overall this model is a decent addition to the Brother line, but if it is a heavy duty sewing machine that you are in need of then ther

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    My Mom is the expert sewer in our family :0) But I am somewhat of a “Messy Crafter” myself, lol I am looking for a new sewing machine & am gearing my sewing to making T Shirts qulits & denim projects. So I am looking to find a machine to tackle those tasks, would this Brother machine be a good choice ?? I currently have a sewing machine, but it is just for small “fix it” items, it does not work well with denim.



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