Janome Memory Craft 6500P Review – Outstanding Quilter!

Whether you’re a beginning sewer or a quilting professional there is a lot to love with the Janome Memory Craft 6500P. With a stitching speed of up to a thousand stitches per minute you will be completing projects with time to spare. This means you can spend your extra time on even more fun sewing projects.

Fast stitch speed and more projects mean just as much to the beginner, where they can grow their skills quickly and efficiently, as it does to the professional sewer who wants to further enhance their sewing skills. The Janome Memory Craft sewing machine is not all speed; its amazing versatility is apparent when you look at its features that are especially attractive to experienced and aspiring quilters.

Janome Memory Craft 6500p sewing machine review


Features of the Janome Memory Craft 6500P

The features of this Janome quilting machine may be overwhelming but they sure pack a wallop when it comes to performance. Take a look at these features and see if they don’t leave you drooling:

  • Seven buttonholes.
  • Maximum speed for straight stitches is 1000 SPM.
  • Script and block monogram stitches.
  • With lever for speed control
  • 135 types of stitches with four modes.
  • LCD screen has backlight.
  • Maximum speed for zigzag stitches is 700 SPM.
  • Space of arm plus bed: 9 inches by 5 inches.
  • Full-rotary hook is top-loading, jam-proof, and magnetic.
  • Pressure gauge is visible.
  • Thread cutter is automatic and memory-capable.
  • Equipped with Superior Feed System (SFS).
  • Bobbin winding has a separate motor.
  • With external feed dial for balancing.
  • Individual stitches can be edited.
  • Capable of elongating stitch length.
  • Up and down control for feed dog’s front access.
  • Equipped with turnover memory.
  • Stitch length is adjustable between 0 and 7mm.
  • Combination stitches can be edited.
  • With memory bank for stitch patterns.
  • Stitch width is adjustable between 0 and 7mm.
  • Capable of last stitch recall.
  • Automatic lock.
  • Capable of sewing resumption setting.
  • Equipped with guide bar for dual thread.
  • Needle threader is built-in.
  • 15 left to right positions for needle.
  • Capable of vertical thread delivery.
  • Presser foot lift has extra-high design.
  • Command keys for Up/Down selection.
  • 71 drop positions for needle.
  • Sewing light.
  • On-screen availability of ten languages.
  • Wide extension work table.
  • Shut-off mode has beep indicator.
  • Knee lifter.
  • 14 standard feet.
  • Electronic foot control.
  • Guide for extended seam allowance.
  • Comes with a soft cover against dust.


The crazy thing about the list above is that it doesn’t even include the accessories! This model has an extensive laundry list of accessories that are fully capable of meeting the most challenging needs of sewers. Are you ready for the accessories that come with the Janome 6500p? Here goes:

  • 18” x 24” extension table.
  • Pre-wound bobbins.
  • Open toe walking foot.
  • Seam ripper.
  • Open toe satin stitch foot.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Knee lifter.
  • Over-edge foot.
  • Large spool holder.
  • Quilting bar.
  • 1/4 inch seam foot
  • Blind hem foot
  • Automatic buttonhole foot.
  • Darning foot.
  • Cloth guide with screw.
  • Zig-Zag foot.
  • Cording foot.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Foot control.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Accessory box.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Bobbins.
  • Lint brush.
  • Rolled hem foot
  • Set of needles.
  • Small spool holder.
  • Quilting bar for walking foot.
  • Felt.
  • Overcast foot.

This machine was built for quilters. The large throat space, 9″ x 5″, gives you plenty of room to work with large quilts or thick layers of fabric. The advanced feed mechanism helps guide thick materials through the throat. Quilters love the knee lifter that allows you to lift the presser foot without taking your hands off of your project.

I can’t stress enough the quality of work this machine produces. The stitch quality, power, and reliability of this quilting machine are second to none. At this price range this is a tough one to beat.


Our Review of the Janome Memory Craft 6500P


  • Extension table for working on projects is extremely generous in size and works to the sewer’s advantage, especially when sewing multiple fabrics.
  • The convenience of the knee-lifter frees the sewer’s hands to control stitching and fabric.
  • Versatility is unmatched when it comes to memory and capacity for programmability, especially is a project requires long seams.
  • Stitches are always uniform.
  • Information on screen display is easy to understand and follow.
  • Operates quietly.


  • The location of the thread cutter – on the machine’s head — may inconvenience some users.
  • It weighs heavier than expected and may be difficult to transport.
  • There is an absence of a built-in low bobbin indicator.
  • Supplemental lighting may be necessary as the present lighting quality is insufficient, especially for those with problematic eyesight.

The four “cons” reported in the list above were culled from quilting sites that have subscribers or members, the majority of whom are veteran quilters who know definitely know their stuff. Some users mentioned that the machine was heavy. This may be a pain when you want to move it around, but likely you won’t be moving this machine around and will have it in your sewing room. If you are planning on doing any quilting you actually want a heavy sewing machine. The weight will hold the machine in place when you are working with very heavy or layered fabrics. The complaint of the sewing thread cutter is a matter of preference.


Still, the “con” of insufficient lighting in the Janome Memory Craft 6500 may be more of an exception rather than the rule since it was not mentioned as a major issue by other customer reviews that I have read. The absence of the low bobbin indicator is outweighed by other more salient features of this model so much so that only quilting review sites would mention it.


Janome Memory Craft 6500pIf you take quilting seriously, then you will not be disappointed with the Janome 6500P sewing machine. The features of this model may be overwhelming for beginning quilters but, even people just starting out with quilting can learn quickly from the easy to understand and follow instructions.

If you purchase the Janome Memory Craft 6500p from Amazon, you get the following absolutely free of charge:

  • Ditch quilting sewing foot.
  • Straight stitch sewing foot.
  • 10 pack of bobbins.
  • Roller sewing feet.
  • Size 14 leather needles.
  • Concealed zipper sewing foot.
  • Size 16 universal needles.
  • Applique sewing foot.
  • Button sewing foot.

With all of the features, accessories, and free accessories (if you purchase from Amazon) with this sewing machine is well worth considering. If you are interested in quilting but have not tried it, now is your chance to learn how on an excellent machine designed for quilting.


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  1. I just bought a used Janine 6500 but the presser foot package did not come with it. I bought it to quilt predominately. What feet are a must and where can I buy them.


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