What’s the Best Mini Sewing Machine for Convenience and Portability?

Are you looking for a sewing machine that is portable, but don’t want to sacrifice quality? Thankfully you don’t have to. There are plenty of mini sewing machines that are capable of doing everyday sewing tasks and also great for on-the-go sewing. They’re lightweight and compact, so you can easily take them with you when traveling or taking sewing classes.

There are quite a few portable sewing machines on the market, but there are six in particular that we really like. Each one is light, easy to carry and powerful enough to tackle most sewing jobs.

# of Stitches
Singer 1234
Singer 1304 sewing machine
7 pounds
Donyer Portable Machine
Donyer mini sewing machine
Luby Mini Sewing Machine
Luby Mini Portable Sewing Machine
6 pounds
NEX Mini Sewing Machine
NEX Mini Sewing Machine
5.95 pounds
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine
2.9 pounds
RoyalSell Handheld Sewing Machine
RoyalSell Handheld Sewing Machine
10.4 ounces

1. Singer Start 1304 Mini Sewing Machine

Singer Start 1304 sewing machine
Singer Start 1304 sewing machine

The Singer Start 1304 offers portability and quality that you’d expect from one of the top brands in the industry. In our opinion, the Singer Start 1304 is the best mini sewing machine you can buy in 2020.

The Start 1304 model weighs just 7 pounds, so it’s great for use in small spaces or when traveling.

While small in size, this machine does not compromise on quality or function. This model has six built-in stitches and a 4-step buttonhole. There’s a free arm, too, so you can sew sleeves and cuffs with ease. On top of all of this, the machine has a storage compartment to house all of your sewing accessories.

The Start 1304 is great for beginners because the built-in stitches have pre-set widths and lengths. There’s no guesswork involved. Just choose your stitch and start sewing.

This machine also has an automatic bobbin winding system and comes with a slew of accessories to help you get started. It even has dual spool pins, so you can do twin needle sewing.


  • Weighs just 7 pounds
  • Portable design
  • Just the right amount of stitches (6)
  • Free arm for sewing sleeves and cuffs
  • Automatic bobbin winding system
  • Includes a lot of accessories and built-in storage
  • Metal frame


  • Stitch length and width is not adjustable

The only complaint with this machine is that you cannot adjust the stitch length or width. With that said, pre-set lengths and widths make it easier for beginners to get started without feeling overwhelmed.

Click here to learn more about the Singer Start 1304 sewing machine.

2. Donyer Portable Mini Sewing Machine

DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable Mini
DONYER POWER Electric Sewing Machine Portable Mini

Donyer’s portable sewing machine is lightweight, travel-friendly and designed for both sewing and quilting.

I was surprised by how many features this machine offers. Along with offering 12 built-in stitches, you also have control over the sewing speed. It also has a free-arm for sewing small garments, sleeves and cuffs. Forward and reverse sewing also makes it easy to lock stitches.

The built-in light bulb illuminates the work space, and the thread cutter eliminates the need for scissors. There’s even a built-in measuring tape and tension adjuster.

Automatic bobbin winding and dual thread capability make this a very versatile sewing machine. You can even work with multiple layers of fabric.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can work with multiple layers of fabric
  • Free arm for sewing sleeves and smaller garments
  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable sewing speed and tension


  • No buttonholer

The Donyer portable machine does not have a buttonholer. But the machine does come with instructions on how to sew buttonholes manually.

This model is great for beginners and anyone who doesn’t want to lug around a heavy sewing machine.

Click here to learn more about the GentleShower portable sewing machine.

3. Luby Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Luby Portable Sewing Machine Double Thread Free Arm Best for Beginner
Luby Portable Sewing Machine

The Luby Mini portable sewing machine is designed for kids. Its imaginative design makes it fun to use, and it’s just the right size for little hands to work with.

While the Luby was made for kids, adults can use it for small projects or repairs too.

This machine offers double thread, two-line design, 12 stitching options and two speeds. It’s extremely lightweight at just 6 pounds.

The Luby Mini has two speeds: low and high. The speed can be adjusted according to the project and skill level.


  • Compact design that’s great for kids and beginners
  • Lightweight at just 6 pounds
  • Fun design
  • Easy to use
  • Has two sewing speeds


  • Not ideal for serious projects

The Luby Mini is great for most sewing projects, but for something more complicated – like jeans – you’ll want a regular, full-size sewing machine.

That being said, this machine is a great option for anyone who is just getting started with sewing and for kids.

Click here to learn more about the iBesi Mini sewing machine.

4. NEX Portable Sewing Machine

NEX Sewing Machine Children Present Portable Crafting Mending Machine
NEX Sewing Machine Portable Crafting Mending Machine

The NEX sewing machine another great lightweight machine for beginners. What’s nice about this model is that you have the option of using the power plug or batteries. If you’re traveling and not near an electrical outlet, you can simply use batteries (4 AA – not included) and continue on with your sewing projects.

It includes 12 built-in stitches, so you can work on a variety of projects.

This machine has forward and reverse sewing as well as double thread and double speed options.


  • Compact size for easy portability
  • Runs on batteries or power plug
  • 12 built-in stitches
  • Forward and reverse stitching as well as double thread


  • Not ideal for thick fabric

The light weight of this machine makes it a poor fit for working with thicker fabrics. Otherwise, this machine is great for most projects, from home décor to garments.

Click here to learn more about the NEX Lightweight machine.

5. Varmax 201 Mini Sewing Machine

Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table
Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

The Varmax 201 mini sewing machine has a very similar design to the Luby Mini machine. The main difference between the two is that the Varmax 201 actually comes with an extension table. The extension table is great for quilting and bigger sewing projects.

This lightweight sewing machine also has built-in lighting and a thread cutter for added convenience.

Like the NEX model, the Varmax 201 can also run on batteries (4 AA – not included).

The 201 is easy to use, and its smaller size makes it a great option for young sewing enthusiasts.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Includes an extension table
  • Runs on batteries or power plug
  • Built-in lighting
  • Thread cutter


  • Does not work with thick cloth or elastic knitted fabric

The Varmax 201 is not ideal for working with elastic knitted fabric or thick fabrics. Otherwise, it does an impressive job at tackling most other sewing projects.

Click here to learn more about the Varmax 201 sewing machine.

6. RoyalSell Handheld Sewing Machine

RoyalSell Handheld Sewing Machine, Mini Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine
RoyalSell Handheld Sewing Machine

The RoyalSell portable sewing machine has a unique design (it reminds me of a stapler) that takes some getting used to, but is ideal for on-the-go use. Battery-powered and handheld, this machine can be used just about anywhere.

You won’t be able to sew a pair of jeans, but you can easily do a quick hem or patch up clothing. It’s compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand and lightweight enough to be taken anywhere.

The APlus+ machine runs on four AA batteries, or you can plug it into the wall with the adapter cord (which is not included).

There are a few things you need to know about this sewing machine:

  1. The fabric should be about 1.8MM around. It won’t work with fabric that is too thick or thin.
  2. This is a single thread machine, so you’ll need to tie the knot yourself.

Despite its compact size, this portable sewing machine actually gives you a lot of control. The rotary wheel adjustment allows you to control stitching, while the tension control allows you to adjust the tightness of the stitches. An included fastening plate holds the fabric in place while stitching.


  • Ideal for alterations and small repairs
  • Compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Can use batteries or an adapter plug


  • Cannot be used with thin or thick fabrics

The APlus+ sewing machine isn’t like a regular sewing machine, so it does have limitations. It’s lightweight and compact in size, but you’ll have to be careful about the fabrics you use.

Thin or thick fabric will not work with this machine.

That being said, this model is great for traveling and those spot repairs or alterations that need to be made. With the APlus+, there’s no need to drag out your full-size sewing machine for these small jobs.

Click here to learn more about this portable sewing machine.

Beginner Sewing Machine Models

These portable sewing machines are great for small jobs, but if you really want to get into sewing you need a machine that can handle it. There are many sewing machines for beginners that don’t cost a lot and are very easy to use. We’ve reviewed many of them here.

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  1. I am looking for a very small machine to take in our motor home. I have a perfectly good one at home, but its a bit too big. Only want straight stitching on quilting squares while I am away. Any suggestions. The smaller the better.

  2. I’m looking for something to sew cotton sun dresses, no buttons or zipperers. What wld u suggest that’s not to expensive.

    • Hi Karen,

      Have you read my post listing some of my favorite beginner sewing machines? If not, it is a good place to start. If you haven’t seen it you can find it here.

      • Thank you so much for that review!!! My “antique”, 1970’s, Singer Athena 1200 finally crashed last year…some crispy plastic parts crumbled. No reason to spend the money to fix, if that is even possible. It was wonderful when I was younger and making everything from drapes to slacks!! Now looking for something small to just do repairs. Don’t need all the bells and whistles. Your review has helped me make up my mind…Brother vs Singer. I think the Brother XL26001or 10 has won out!

  3. My friend who is in her 80s is no longer able to carry her sewing machine due to joint problems etc.Which is the lightest and most reliable machine for her.She is an experienced sewer but feels she just wants something for small projects or repairs.

  4. I need a hand held for access on a project but it needs to be able to sew through webbing and heavy fabric. I have heavy duty needles and thread but don’t know if there is a machine that can do this.

  5. I haven’t purchased one myself, but, I’m just saying, that RoyalSell Handheld Sewing Machine has 85% one-star reviews on Amazon. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product rated that low before. Any other suggestions for a handheld that we could try instead of that one?


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