No Scrap Left Behind Book Review

No Scrap Left Behind: 16 Quilt Projects That Celebrate Scraps of All SizesI quilt a lot, and growing up, I didn’t have money to waste. But I had problems finding new and exciting ways to use pieces of scrap; scraps that normally ended up in the garbage. I know, it’s sinful, but Amanda Jean Nyberg has shown me the way to utilize every last piece of fabric I have – even the scraps.

No Scrap Left Behind is different than most other sewing books that you may own or have read.

Amanda’s way of teaching is fun and exciting, and she teaches you how to use all of your scraps through sixteen different quilting projects. See, I made the mistake of trying to use my scraps for any project, but as you’ll quickly learn, there needs to be a strategic process behind using your scraps.

No Scrap Left Behind Book Review

Amanda dives right in and tells you what you’ll be learning in this book, so I will start there, too. When you crack open your book, you’ll find that the book encompasses a ton of material. What will the book teach you?

  1. How to rescue your scrap fabrics with 16 quilting projects
  2. How to properly sort your scraps
  3. How to properly store your scraps to make your next project a breeze

So, when you’re finished reading, you’ll have a complete understanding of how to work through all of your scraps and more importantly, find them when you need them.

You don’t have to overwhelm your quilting space anymore with scraps strewn around every corner of the room.

There is a method to the madness, and that is the key focal point of this 128 page, information-packed book.

4 Category Breakdown

The style and tone of this book is splendid. You’ll find that the author’s writing style flows well, and she is a great teacher that hits on the pain points of her readers. While there are 16 total projects in the book, they’re broken down into easy-to-follow sections:

  1. Squares
  2. Triangles
  3. Strings
  4. Little snippets

And if you’re an avid quilter, you know that these categories are by the type of scrap you have available to you.

Perhaps the best part of the book is that Amanda makes sure that all of the content is modern. You won’t find any boring or dull content that only works well for dated looks. Young and graceful agers will find projects inside of No Scrap Left Behind that really opens up their minds to the possibility of quilting.

The book offers:

  • 2 Projects Using Triangles: Chain of Diamonds and Remainders.
  • 4 Projects Using Squares: Mini Nines, Subtle, All Sizes and Hot & Cold.
  • 4 Strips and String Projects: Slopes, Happy Rails, June and Donuts are covered.
  • 6 Projects Using Snippets: Ring Me, Needle Sorter, Pillow Pincushion, Skinny Pinnie, Cards and Bright Birch Tree.

The square section is one of my favorites because it also provides a lot of options when quilting. All Sizes is a project I had a lot of fun making, and it allows you to use scraps of all sizes.

Storage and Sorting

The book opens with an introduction followed by a brief section that helps you find your niche as a quilter and talks about being frugal. The author also talks about going scrap crazy, which if you work on quilts often, you know is a serious problem.

There are so many scraps that it’s near impossible not to get overwhelmed.

But this book will teach you proper scrap management from the basics of where to start through more advanced options, such as mixing materials. You’ll also learn how to sort your scraps so that it’s much easier to find and use your scraps in the future.

There’s another section that’s easy to overlook: The Flip Side.

I love this section of the book because it talks about different ways to use your scraps. There are scrap options, and sometimes, a scrap may never make it into a quilt. But this fabric can be used for other quilting purposes, such as a test block to try out new techniques.

Amanda Jean Nyberg, is a best-selling author and teacher, and she has authored some of the best books on quilting, including Sunday Morning Quilts, which is a major hit. A lifelong sewer, she has sewn her entire life and used to make tube dresses for her dolls that she would sew all on her own.

She’s addicted, and she educates people, like you and I, on how to make the most out of our scraps and projects.

When you’re finished reading No Scrap Left Behind, you’ll walk away with a lot of storage and sorting insights that ultimately lead you to be a more efficient quilter. You’ll also save more money and rescue those orphan scraps after reading this book.

It’s a short, information-packed book I think every quilter needs on their shelves. If you are looking or thinking about getting a new quilting machine visit this page where I review my favorites.

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