The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids: Ready, Set, Sew – 37 Projects & Activities

The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids

Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith do an amazing job in making sewing fun and exciting the kids. The pair, well-known for their sewing skills and enthusiasm, have put together a book that covers 37 sewing projects and activities.

The book, first released in August 2016, is titled: The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids: Ready, Set, Sew – 37 Projects & Activities.

It can sometimes be difficult to make sewing fun and exciting for kids, so the pair have incorporated games into the book, along with real-world projects, that kids follow as they progress with their sewing skills.

The book, written for kids ages 8 to 14, spans 128 pages of colorfun diagrams, puzzles, checklists, photos and cartoons.

And the fun starts the moment the book is cracked open.

Introductory Lessons and Information

Completely geared towards kids, the book may seem a little to juvenile for teens, but it’s still filled with great information. The book starts with a section called “I’m bored, what can I do?” And then the book helps excite the reader to help them begin on their path to sewing.

The first few pages are mostly geared towards exciting the reader and getting them started.

Then we move into safety. A quick and accurate guide, the safety section goes over all of the best safety techniques in one page. It’s a quick and easy section on safety, and it’s what the beginner sewer really needs to read to get started on their path to sewing.

After this, you’ll find that the book moves into:

  • All of the basics are covered to help the reader properly start and end their stitches.
  • The next section covers mouse pivots, and it’s this section which leads to the next section on your machine.
  • The final section before delving into the projects is all about the machine. Kids will start learning all about their machine and what it can do in this section. It’s a quick primer, and I do recommend going over all of your machine’s functions with your child yourself. It’s very important that kids know the ins and outs of a machine before they begin using it.

I recommend kids read through the three sections above a few times before beginning their first project. It’s these sections that matter the most, and they will provide the reader with the foundation they need to start sewing.

Projects That are Fun and Exciting

If you want to master any skill, you need to do one very important thing: practice. Without practice, you won’t be able to master sewing. This is an art form, and the book dives into projects quickly to help keep the reader interested in sewing.

Kids will learn how to create a variety of things, including:

  • Treasure pouches
  • Owls
  • Envelopes
  • Cards
  • Paper shapes
  • Peace signs

These projects are just a stepping stone that really teach the reader how to use their machine and start to cover the basics of sewing. What’s really nice is that the projects come equipped with:

  • Checklists of all the items you’ll need to get started.
  • Step by step instructions, including what adjustments you’ll need to make on your machine, to get started with your sewing project.

What’s neat is that there are practice sheets, and you’ll also find sets of quizzes geared towards safety. The quizzes are a nice touch that will help refresh the reader’s mind as they work through the exercises.

I find the writing style to be soothing and perfect to help a child really understand what the writer is saying without all of the technical jargon added in.

You’ll also find mazes, which are meant to be sewn through. Sewing through mazes will allow you to perfect your sewing technique and learn how to create a straight line or change the direction of your stitch.

It’s the easy, basics that matter the most, and its mazes and the like that really teach a child how to properly begin sewing. You’ll find that adults often skip these basics, and it’s the skipping of these basics that makes sewing much harder for people as they get older.


  • Clear instructions that are ideal for younger readers
  • Step-by-step guides and information
  • Diagrams and charts for everything
  • Builds confidence on their kid-friendly sewing machine


  • Projects are less appealing for teens

The only complaint is that the projects are very simplistic. While these projects are great for kids, I am not sure that many 13 and 14-year-olds will really appreciate them.

Aside from this minor complaint, you’ll find that this beginner sewing book is filled with rich information that’s easy for kids of all ages to digest and understand. Written for simple comprehension, the book is a great introduction into sewing and will help kids really master the art of sewing from the very basic techniques up.

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