Where to Find Free Sewing Patterns Online

Whether you’re just starting out with sewing or have been doing it for decades, you’ll want to know where to find free sewing patterns. The Internet is key to finding free, relevant patterns that aren’t being thrown away because they’re outdated. The top places to find free sewing patterns are: Pinterest Boards Pinterest is always … Read more

Starting a Sewing Business From Home – How to do it?

Sewing is one of the best skills one can have as it’s with many benefits such as securing your financial independence. Starting a sewing business can be so rewarding, provided that one is skilled and talented in sewing, and is highly creative for business success. For beginners aiming to start their own sewing business, you … Read more

Best Iron For Quilting and Sewing – We Review Our 4 Favorites

Oliso TG1600 Pro Smart Iron

Seamstresses and quilters are in constant pursuit of the perfect iron – one that doesn’t leak and delivers exceptional steam power. Over the years, we’ve gone through quite a few irons; some great, some terrible. We’ve been burned a time or two (literally), which is something all quilters can relate to. So, how do you … Read more