Book Review: Successful Serging: From Setup to Simple and Specialty Stitches

Successful Serging: From Setup to Simple and Specialty Stitches

Too afraid to try serging? Join the crowd. But let’s face it: serging makes your projects look more professional. Beth Ann Baumgartel’s book Successful Serging turns fearful seamstresses into confident masters of the serging machine. There’s a lot covered in this book, and it’s a valuable tool for anyone who works on garments and home … Read more

The Serger’s Technique Bible Book Review – Improve Your Serging Skills

the serger's technique bible

In The Serger’s Technique Bible, author Julia Hinks walks you through every step of the serging process, from setting up your machine to the best techniques. If you’re new to serging, this is one of the most complete guides I’ve ever found on the subject. But even if you’ve been serging for a while, you’ll … Read more

The Best Serger Sewing Machines For Use in Your Home

Serger sewing machine

The five sergers (also known as overlock sewing machines) featured in this article are models that I have had a chance to use during my time teaching sewing. All of them are excellent sergers, but as you will see in the reviews below, the Juki MO654DE  is my choice if you are looking for an excellent, high quality overlocker that … Read more