The Versatile and Amazing Tutto Sewing Machine Cases

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If you’ve ever had to haul your sewing machine by hand  you’ll know how difficult it can be. Most sewing machines are not built to be portable and are a pain to carry.

When I found myself taking my machine to sewing classes at night I had the hardest time getting it and all of my materials from my craft room into the trunk of my car. Thankfully I found the perfect solution: a Tutto sewing machine case.

Tutto sewing machine cases are made by Mascot Metropolitan who have made luggage for over 15 years. The Tutto line of luggage is very popular amongst the office, crafting and hobby crowd because of their bag’s durability, convenience and exceptional quality. If you are looking for something that can help you transport your sewing machine to work, school, travelling or to a friend’s house these bags are a must-have item.

The Tutto series comes in many different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Most sewing enthusiasts though are looking for larger bags on wheels. Tutto carries many different bags that are built for transporting sewing machines. They are made to store your sewing machine and also have many handy compartments where you can store you other sewing accessories. They are well laid-out and keep your sewing supplies neat and organized. The Tutto bags also come in many different sizes depending on how big your machine is or how many accessories you want store with it.

Tutto Sewing Machine Case Extra Large

Tutto sewing machine case xlThe XL Tutto Mascot Monster sewing machine case (23″ Length x 14.25″ Height x 14″ Depth) is what I use when I travel. It is a large case and for those crafters that need extra storage compartments and packing room.

When I travel, I am either going to a sewing show or convention so I like to carry a lot of my accessories with me. This case is a dream for those occasions. My accessories and sewing books are neat and tidy and I don’t have to go digging when I need something specific. It is all easily accessible and I can rest assured that my machine will be safe due to the strong steel frame and inside straps.

I really love this magnificent rolling sewing machine case and couldn’t live without it.


Tutto Sewing Machine Case Large

Large Tutto rolling sewing caseThe Large Tutto Mascot sewing machine cases (21″ Length x 13.25″ Height x 12″ Depth )  come in a few different colors. They have solid steel frames that open from the sides and on top, but also folds down to 3” thick for easy storage when you aren’t using it.

They run on a very smooth, ultra-manoeuvrable set of wheels that are pulled along by a strong telescopic handle. You can pack up to 150 pounds into these cases with ease. The inside straps will hold your machine in place to prevent it from getting damaged.


Tutto Sewing Machine Trolley Medium

Tutto openThe Medium Tutto Mascot sewing machine case (19″ Length x 12.25″ Height x 10″ Depth)  is the perfect size for the average user or beginner.

Depending on the airline, this is the size you want if you would like to store the case with you in coach. This bag can slide under most seats on an average airplane.

The medium Tutto case is similar to the others above in that it has a metal frame, is on wheels and has many compartments to store your sewing goodies. It doesn’t have quite as much room as the large or x-large, but is likely perfect for the more casual sewing enthusiast. I’ve found this one to be a good size for a sewing serger as well. Click here to see which sergers I love.


You can also find other sizes such as XXL or bags that are even larger than the XL one that I use. It is also an excellent sewing bag, but I didn’t have a need for one quite that big. You may also be interested in a case for other sewing needs such as embroidery project bags and serger travel bags. All of which are the same excellent quality as their sewing cases.

If you are looking for a sewing travel case I highly recommend looking at the other styles of Tutto cases on Amazon. They are excellent quality and will make travelling with a sewing machine much easier, more convenient and safer. Now that I have one, I know I couldn’t live without my Tutto sewing machine case. Try one out and I’m sure you will love it too.

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